happy belated birthday to me…

godzilla birthday cards

Thursday was my actual birthday and despite having to work, I still had a marvelous day. I came home and my daughter brought dinner from “rubber dogs” (Jean and Judes) which is my favorite place. (I thought I died and went to heaven!) She got the prettiest dragons for me– I’ll post a pic of them after I hang them– and her boyfriend photographed a dragon statue for me (and framed it!) I’ll post that too! All in all, it was a nice, quiet evening!

Today, however, wasn’t so quiet. Work was busy and being out in the sun and heat made me a little ill. I’m feeling better now (thank god for air conditioning!) Looking forward to a quieter day tomorrow!

In the meantime, I’ve posted several new birthday cards– I’m in love with these prima flowers (all of them actually!) I’ve made a bunch of cards with them and I’m incredibly happy with how they turned out.

Check out my new cards and the rest of my shop!


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