Found a new handmade place to sell my cards!

Don’t get me wrong– I LOVE etsy, but I need to not put all my eggs in one basket, know what I mean? My sales have been a little slow lately, I’m not sure if it’s my new assortment of cards (really? cuz I think they are gorgous!) or if its the economy…I think the more places I have my cards available, the better!
Next month or so, Lollishops will open– I’m really excited about this new store. Sort of like etsy, but it’s juried, and seriously will be selling a wonderful array of vintagey and altered art treasures (the exact sort of things I love!)

This new place is called and again, it’s for folks to sell their handcrafted items. I love the way the site looks– it’s so clean, and it’s really easy to use. I think the thing that impresses me the most (yes, more than the free listing !) is that they are environmentally conscious. They pay to offset the carbon footprint of everything sold via their site and that they pay to protect a minimum of 25 square feet of rainforest for every item sold. How cool is that? Another “green” feature is that they have a section for what they call “ReSupplies”– it’s sort of like a craft destash! So far, I’m a big fan. I hope it catches on! We need more support for the handmade marketplace!!!
Check out my store on


4 thoughts on “Found a new handmade place to sell my cards!

  1. I too have found and so far am very impressed. It has enough items to give a nice variety to the buyer, but as a seller you don’t get lost in the shuffle. I have opened a store there and will say that the amount of views on my items is very comparable to my Etsy store, sometimes even better. I applaud ShopHandmade’s dedication to the environment. I’m expecting good things from this site and am excited to be part of the first month of it’s existance. You can visit my shop there at

    Thanks for sharing about Lollishops–looks like another avenue to explore!


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