wow! happy new year!

I can’t believe January is nearly over! Wha? I swear it was just after Christmas yesterday! Does this happen to anyone else?
I’ve been really really busy creating lots of new Valentine cards and tags! Here are a few of what I have in my etsy shop!

I may add a few more this weekend. We’ll see how it goes! What I really want to work on are Mother’s Day cards!!!

I think I’m going to try and get on a blogging schedule. I do enjoy the blogging community, and while I certainly read more than my fair share of blogs, I’ve neglected mine! There just never seems to be enough hours in the day! I think a schedule will help greatly. Perhaps two days a week? This way, I won’t feel so pressured (of my own doing, of course) to remember to write something everyday. We’ll see how it works!!!! If you notice that I’m lapsing again, send me a little message or convo telling me to get back here and write!!!! 🙂

adieu for now!


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