Brand New! Vintage Inspired Beaded Stick Pins

I am in LOVE with these vintage inspired beaded stick pins! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the beads (oooh! Shiny!) and the pearls. These pins are so beautiful– the photos do not do them justice!

These pins can be used to decorate lapels, hats, scarves, as well as for crafting and scrapbooking!

Beaded Stick Pins

Vintage Inspired Beaded Stick Pins

Beaded Stick Pins

**The set of six (6) stickpins measure 3″ (7.62 centimeter) and feature beautiful vintage inspired glass beads and pearls in an array of colors. The camera cannot truly capture the sparkle and shine of these beads!

**You can use these stickpins for use in scrapbooking, cardmaking and crafting. These stickpins would also be able to decorate scarves, lapels, or hats!

**The pins also come with a little stopper to protect fingers and crafts once in use.

You can find these and more gorgeous beaded stick pins in my etsy shop!

What would you use these pins for? Let me know in the comments section below!


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